MIND THE GUM is a food supplement in the form of a chewing gum that contains 15 active components for maintaining concentration, mental energy and to fight mental fatigue.
We have reached a unique and effective formulation combining the quality active components with the useful vitamins for your brain, in collaboration with Farmacia Legnani, historical reality of Milan, known also abroad as a reference point for natural medicine.


ย At the well-known stimulant effects of caffeine, we associated the relaxing effects of theanine to achieve superior results to those obtained by using them individually.


Socially recognized as a stimulant, caffeine is mainly used to improve cognitive functions and physical performance


Amino acid contained in green tea which easily manages to cross the blood-brain barrier. It is used to relieve stress without causing drowsiness.


Is a strong antioxidant rich in vitamins, especially A and C, dietary elements such as potassium and phosphorous, and beneficial substances such as polyphenols, organic acids and fibers. It has many beneficial, curative and nutritional properties and itโ€™s an excellent ally for brain activities.


is converted into nitric oxide, a molecule that promotes blood vessel dilatation improving the blood flow throughout all the body and the brain.


Is a powerful antioxidant found in almost all the cells of the body and its function is precisely to recover the energy contained in the food, store it and kept it ready for use.


In the brain, it is converted in glutamates, a neurotransmitter of the nervous system involved in cognitive functions such as learning and memory.


Carries long chain fatty acids from cellular cytoplasm inside mitochondria where they beta oxidation producing energy.


Contributes to the normal metabolism of micronutrients and the maintenance of normal glucose levels in the blood.


They are the starting amino acid for the synthesis of important neurotransmitters that regulate mood and cognitive abilities such as dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline and norepinephrine, that play an important role in brain functions.


Every gum contains vitamins B7, B9, B12, H and D3 for the right functioning of nervous system, if psychological function and to reduce tiredness and fatigue.


A study of the Northumbria (UK) has shown that chewing gum influences the learning ability and the capacity of memorizing and recalling information. Using a chewing gum while performing mnemonic and attention tests increases short-term memory by up to 24% and long-term up to 36% (1)

Not only: chewing gum can improve attention, promote a state of mental well-being and support work performances.

Chewing is associated with higher productivity and lower cognitive problems, it has increased cortisol levels in the morning without affecting heart rate. (2)

Furthermore, thanks to sublingual absorption, active components are assimilated more quickly with rapid and long-lasting results.

MIND THE GUM is free from sugar, aspartame, gluten, lactose and it has only 3 calories per chewing gum.
MIND THE GUM is the practical and effective solution to help concentration, mental energy and a valid ally against mental fatigue, helping you to face every-day challenges.
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Get your fill of concentration and mental energy

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Get your fill of concentration and mental energy

Choose your favourite size pack

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