“If they’d asked me after the accident whether I thought it was possible to pass 20 exams in just one year, I would most definitely have said no. And yet I managed it; not only to sit more than 20 exams in 392 days, but to submit my dissertation as well.”

These are the words of Giorgio, one of Mind The Gum’s founders. The initiative was born following Giorgio’s involvement in a serious incident in 2010.

While a student at university, Giorgio was involved in a serious road accident which left him with a fractured neck. As a result he was forced to miss two years of lectures and academic study.

The doctors made it clear from the start; given the extent of his trauma, it would be difficult if not impossible for Giorgio to take up regular studying again. Despite the experts’ negative prognosis, following his recovery Giorgio set himself the goal of completing his university course in the shortest amount of time possible.

Objective: more concentration.

Giorgio needed to focus not just for two or three hours at a time, but five or six. He experimented with countless remedies: energy drinks, food supplements, pharmaceutical products. The results were disappointing; he needed something more effective.

Meeting with Farmacia Legnani

Giorgio turned to Farmacia Legnani, one of the most renowned and innovative pharmaceutical laboratories in Milan, which offered its knowledge and team of experts.

Mind The Gum

After various attempts and numerous adjustments to the formulation, Mind The Gum was born; a single product coupling 15 active ingredients with the action of chewing, scientifically proven to improve memory and concentration.  

A product for everyone

Together with his relentless determination, MIND THE GUM® was the key to a highly successful year for Giorgio. He was able to pass more than 20 exams and to submit his dissertation to Bocconi University in just 392 days. After having tested the effectiveness of his product on himself, he decided to make Mind The Gum accessible to all those individuals who have the courage to reach their objectives.

Optimising your time

MIND THE GUM® is the perfect solution for dynamic and enthusiastic individuals wanting to make the most of their time spent studying or at work. It is ideal for those who want to seize each and every opportunity and remain one step ahead without having to make compromises.