Hello Danilo, tell us who you are, what your position is and tell us about your career path

Hello, I’m Danilo Grossi and I’m a lawyer

After graduation, I completed the two canonic training years in a civil law firm. After the qualification, I had some small clients and two alternatives: starting my way or recycling in a bigger studio. I attended some interviews in some important studio. Then I quitted everything and I thought: let’s give it a try!

I started collaborating with another lawyer in Milan, building the foundations of my path. I carried on the activity, I established connections, I proposed and got involved; now I have two collaborators and 3 external collaborations with other offices when more aggressive specializations are needed. I work on average 11 hours a day: I start at 8am and finish after dinner.

Which have been your career first steps, your turning points?

As a first point, as soon as I finished my practical, I had to choose whether to continue to work for an important studio or doing it by myself. In the end, I decided to put myself out there. I was 27 years old, a great desire to try and carry on a reality

Another turning point was when I moved from a local reality to the one in the center of Milan, where I rent a room in a law firm, where all the services were included, a secretary, a meeting room, etc. Later I decided to exit out from my “comfort zone” and I started making acquaintances and creating new partnerships. At the moment I’ m staying in Porta Romana with two collaborators.

Two years ago. we settled a coworking with professionals not lawyers, a union of professionals. What I understood the union is the strength:

a company needs an IT technician, a tax consultant, and a lawyer. Then, we started diversifying the subjects and the activities we offer our clients.



Which aspects of your character do you believe are more important at work and which have helped you more?

Determination, obstinacy, courage: you have many choices to do every day, practices to carry on and strategies to act. Then you have to bring on your choice with courage, determination, and responsibility. Even passion is really important: at the university, when I started private and public law, I stayed on the books 9 hours per day and I really liked it.

Which are the main difficulties you faced in your career and how did you react?


My first challenge was trying to make my clients understood I had a professional value, motivation, despite my young age, and even if there are attorneys with more than 30 years of experience than me. I started to get paid with minimum fees, and later, thanks to my good results, I managed to get paid regularly.


Have you ever thought to give in a certain situation?

Absolutely never. There have been times when I thought “Who makes me have all this responsibility?” We clash with the difficult reality of Italian lawsuits, but despite everything, the love for my profession has allowed me to move forward.

Which suggestion would you give to ambitious young workers who have just started a new career?

Surely to be convinced and to understand if what they do is their passion. If they do because is a duty but also a pleasure. Also, I would focus on negative sides that might be present, clashing with Italian law, the judges, etc. You always have a 50% chance of going right or wrong. Because determination is needed, you must work more than the others and be sure.

Tell me your maxim, your mantra at work.

I don’t have any. Nevertheless, I used to repeat myself in hard times “If you want to obtain something, you have to take your responsibility to make it real”.

What do you think about MIND THE GUM concept?

The first thing I thought that is very innovative, it’s not the classical energy drink or salin supplement to be put in water. When using it, you feel more energetic, without the stirring effect of coffee or Redbull.

Tell us about your experience with the product, when you used it and how you found yourself.

I had a great time: I immediately noticed that it loads you up, stimulates your attention and for these reasons I often use it for training or running.

When would you use MIND THE GUM?

When you are in a situation of an energy shortage, like when maybe you spent the morning in court, you go back to the office and you have to receive clients.

Whom would you recommend MIND THE GUM?

I would definitely recommend it to a professional, a student, a young worker or a sportsman.


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