Hi Alex, tell us who you are, what your position is and tell us about your career path

Born as a site developer, I gradually became interested in the project development itself

With Adepresso in 2012, we won the Wind business factor and we went to San Francisco

There has been a real and total change of mentality here. Even if it was a short experience, it definitely changed my way of seeing things. ”Go big or go home” in conclusion. Back in Italy I have crossed my way with someone with my same vision and we have structured a project in line with the growing ambition in me and I accepted the role of Head of Media for a Web Agency.

Last year I found with a former colleague HelloDI, a real vertical agency in the sports world.

Which aspects of your character do you believe more important in your job and which have helped more and why?


Surely it helps to bang the criticism that comes from the inside out of envy, not to be shut down or go into paranoia. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to listen to criticism but that it’s essential to discern the constructive ones that make you grow from the merely destructive ones.

Which are the main difficulties you have faced during your career and how have you reacted?

The first is surely the passage in the Web Agency. Where I had to sustain real stressful and heavy workloads. These difficulties have been solved in 23 hours per day but I do not recommend it. I practically lived in the office.


Have you ever thought to give up in a certain situation?

A couple of times when I overbooked. When stress level has become too high, I watched myself to understand if it was worth it, to understand if my health would be affected. I realize that I have to work better and not more. Trying to focus myself better, I have found a better balance between work-life.

What advice would you give to young ambitious workers who have just started their career path?

Take advantage of the time they have today and they will never have in the future. 20hours become meanwhile you are growing 10 and then 4.

Tell me your maxim, your mantra at work.

Execution is everything. Share the ideas, no one is there to steal them, only execution makes everything possible.

An apple is an apple, if we exchange it, we have one each one, if we exchange ideas, we have two each in the end.

What do you think about Mind the gum concept?

It counts to feel myself more focused. If it works for me, it works. It’s enough. (laughs)

Tell us about your experience with the product, when you used it and how you found yourself with it.

I have tried it many times and I associated with the caffeine concept because of the pack and so the way to use it was when I want a coffee, because of the pack. By taking it, I noticed that I felt more concentrated, it gave me a better effect than coffee that just keeps you awake. It keeps you focused on. Positive experience especially in the short term. Before a speech, a meeting, or a plan for example.

How did you find yourself with MIND THE GUM and which benefits did you notice?

I felt myself more concentrated. I felt as I was losing less concentration. I felt better in terms of tiredness that not using it or just drinking coffees.

When would you use Mind the gum?

On days when I have to face something challenging. In the run-up of a speech, of an important meeting.

Who would you recommend mind the gum?

To someone who has to face a too hard work period and to youth starting their career and they have to be more on the piece and make a good impression from the early beginning.

And you what are you waiting for to enter in?

You find us on our e-commerce or on Amazon!

Scarica gratuitamente le guide di Mind The Gum per migliorare le tue performance mentali!

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