Tiredness and daytime sleepiness, the best remedies

With soaring temperatures under a hot sun, it often takes a lot of effort to continue with the normal routine, if one does not have the opportunity to leave and go to the sea or to the mountains. You find yourself struggling with fatigue and daytime sleepiness, which may occur while you are in the office or studying for an important admission tests that will take place in just over a month. How can you combat fatigue and daytime sleepiness? Act on several fronts. Try to understand the possible causes, beyond the summer period and its consequences and consider some energizing and invigorating natural remedies.

Tiredness and daytime sleepiness: causes

If you feel fatigued every now and then, especially in hot and sultry weather, this is normal. Summer is one of the most difficult periods of the year because you have the effects of the cumulative tiredness of the past months and you want to pack your suitcase and go away for a while. But it is often not possible to do it immediately. If the fatigue and daytime sleepiness persist and the condition becomes chronic, then try to investigate the reasons that lead to this situation. When you reflect and try to understand the causes of fatigue and daytime sleepiness, try to understand in the meantime the possible physical causes such as for example, physical pressure or prolonged effort, perhaps workouts that are too intense on particularly hot days. Don’t underestimate the psychological components either: stress, anxiety, emotional trauma and mood swings.

Tiredness and daytime sleepiness: mistakes to avoid

An unregulated lifestyle and bad habits can also increase the sense of tiredness and daytime sleepiness. Pay attention to how many coffees you drink during the day: maybe you try to help yourself with this drink, but it takes moderation. Excessive consumption of caffeine disturbs the quality of sleep at night and leads to further fatigue. When you think about daytime sleepiness and the mistakes to avoid, another mistake is to have the wrong sleep-wake rhythm. In accordance with your personal and professional needs, try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time. Before falling asleep, read a book. Do not go to bed with electronic devices on. The blue light they emit interferes with sleep!

Tiredness and daytime sleepiness: MIND THE GUM, your ally

A remedy for fatigue and daytime sleepiness is the dietary supplement MIND THE GUM. It is in chewing gum format and therefore has an immediate action with a gradual release; to exploit the scientifically proven effects of chewing on concentration and memory. MIND THE GUM is also effective against daytime somnolence because, alongside the stimulating effects of caffeine, the relaxing effects of theanine emerge to obtain results superior to those obtainable by using them individually. Buy it on Amazon and on our e-commerce by clicking here. Chew it on the busiest and most tiring days.

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