Somnolence after lunch or difficulty keeping awake after yet another overtime duty? A cup of hot coffee or hot tea are undoubtedly the most used remedies to stay awake at work and active in the office, even when circumstances are going against us. Yet, excessive consumption of caffeine and drinks containing it can cause undesirable effects, generating states of anxiety or agitation. Moreover, the effect of the coffee wears off rather quickly. Fortunately, there are several ways to stay awake at work that avoid coffee: taking a break to stretch your legs, taking a breath of air, listening to music and chewing MIND THE GUM, are among the most effective. Do you want to try any of them? Here are 3 helpful ways to stay awake without the coffee you may not know yet.

Have a healthy snack

Strange as it may seem, having a healthy snack and eating some nutrient- and vitamin-rich snacks is one of the ways to stay awake at work, without the need to abuse coffee or tea. The explanation lies in the fact that a drop in blood sugar can lead to mental fatigue and make you feel “foggy”. By drinking coffee or eating foods rich in sugar, you will only get a momentary spike in attention span and concentration, the effect of which will wear off in no time. According to recent studies, to recover from a state of apathy and sleepiness, you can choose foods rich in quality proteins or super foods such as avocados, walnuts and almonds, which are great sources of vitamins useful for memory and concentration, as well as rich in good taste.

Watch kitten videos online

If eating avocados and dry fruit seemed strange to you, wait until you know what a study published in Live Science revealed. Among the methods for keeping awake at work without drinking coffee and increasing concentration, researchers suggest watching kitten videos on the web. The incredible discovery was derived from a study carried out on 7,000 cat lovers, which demonstrated that watching videos of these cute animals is able to transmit positive emotions, reduce negative feelings and raise energy and attention levels. The scientific explanation lies in an increase in oxytocin (a neurotransmitter that increases feelings of confidence and emotion) and in a reduction in cortisol (a brain chemical linked to stress). A really curious method but it would be worth trying at least once.


Chewing gum

Several studies have shown that chewing helps keep the mind active. Chewing gum is one of the ways to stay awake at work and fight the sleepiness that affects us during office hours. Why is this? The act of chewing increases circulation and activates certain specific regions of the brain. But why settle for any chewing gum when you can choose dietary supplement MIND THE GUM in chewing gum format? Created specifically to increase concentration and mental energy, MIND THE GUM is the ideal solution to stay awake in the office without drinking coffee or tea. Its balanced formula contains 15 active ingredients, including caffeine and theanine. Using MIND THE GUM to wake up at work allows you to combine the stimulating and energizing benefits of caffeine with those of theanine, in a way to avoid states of agitation. The extra advantage? MIND THE GUM acts earlier and longer than coffee.

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