Economics, law, engineering, marketing… It doesn’t matter which area of studies you are following. For sure, you will have to deal with a substantial amount of information to store in your head. How do you remember formulas, laws, code, articles, numbers and so on all at once? Have you ever heard of memorization techniques? Together with an effective study method and the necessary concentration they are important to obtain good results in an exam, whatever it is. Memorization techniques speed up the learning process and allow you to reduce the time spent on books, notes and handouts. Learn to master the main ones and put some valuable tricks into practice.

Memory techniques: follow the example of the Romans

Perhaps someone has already mentioned to you the famous loci technique, which was already known by the orators in ancient Rome. They used it, in fact, when they had to give a speech in public. It is one of the oldest memorization techniques, to be applied not only while studying, but also in everyday life. The first thing to do to apply it is to think of a place or a route to visualize mentally in a clear way. You can choose any place as long as there are clear landmarks. Information can be transformed into “keywords”. Among the various memory techniques, that of the loci requires a bit of imagination. Associate the first keyword identified with the first landmark of the journey. Proceed in this way with the other landmarks as well, continuing to associate the other keywords with each landmark. Do you need to review the chapter you have just studied or practice and oral speech? Retrace all the landmarks of the path, combined with the key concepts of the subject under examination.

How to memorize quickly: velcro & co.

Are you facing a long list to be learnt by heart? In this case, amongst the most useful memorization techniques you could use are the technique of velcro words, also called the peg words. The latter is a method in which, for example, progressive numbers – something we already know well – are associated with new concepts that we must remember. Why velcro, or the peg? The word, in fact, refers to a nylon material used in the past for closing sports shoes and which is still used in domestic curtains. It allows for a firm closure between two ends. In fact, in a metaphorical sense, the homonymous method is a kind of hook, which acts as a reminder, to which information can be held. It is an effective technique that allows you to understand how to memorize quickly. In the same way you can hook concepts to learn by heart to rhymes (three-kings, eight-lot, nine-raining …). You could also do the same with combinations and sequences of numbers, even creating stories.

Another effective means of memorization is music. Remembering some concepts in the form of rhymes and songs allows you to give structure to the various information and stimulates repetition. Think of the ABC song: millions of children around the world learn the English alphabet in this way!


How to memorize better with MIND THE GUM

In the previous paragraphs we have seen three simple and practical methods that allow you to master numerous concepts well in preparation for an exam. Using memorization techniques is a way to improve your knowledge, reduce study time and keep anxiety at bay. But for all this and to counteract tiredness and fatigue, you can also use another means. How to better memorize concepts and more concepts in a natural and spontaneous way? MIND THE GUM is a food supplement in the form of chewing gum that contains 15 active components for concentration and mental energy. Among these, for example, is glutamine, a substance that in the brain is transformed into glutamate, a neurotransmitter of the nervous system involved in cognitive functions such as learning and memory. Don’t wait any longer! You can buy MIND THE GUM® on Amazon and on our e-commerce by clicking here.

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