Testimony MIND THE GUM – Alessandro Cadoni, Co-Founder Friendz

Does MIND THE GUM work?

It’s the question they most often ask us, we are obviously biased, so we have decided to ask who uses MIND THE GUM every day

Hello, tell us something about you, who you are, what position you cover and tell about your career path


Hello everybody, my name is Alessandro Cadoni, I’m 28 years old and when I was an engineering student I realized during training, that a “traditional” career didn’t attract me. I wanted to create something on my own. I wanted to innovate the world. I’m sick of social and I wished I revolutionize the marketing within it. I talked about it with a high school classmate. We have found that people are used to producing content and not only looking for them.

Production of content not exploited by companies. The idea was to connect companies with content. During a meeting about start-up worlds, I met Cecilia and thanks to us we have learned how to turn an idea into a business, validate a model and find capital and Friendz was born.

Today we are 36 divided into 4 offices, 2 in Italy, one in Switzerland and one in Spain.

Which are your first career steps? And the turning points?

The turning point has been realizing to have the characteristics of doing something more. My ambition and determination went beyond the normality, I decided to risk more than the others. Entrepreneur skills, we say. The most difficult thing is to find a team. A team that is determined as you, with the same vision, same commitment. Another difficult part is surely finding someone who believes in the projects and put the first money

Which aspects of your character you believe to be more important at work and which have helped more and why.

The ability to solve problems. More than a skill, it’s almost more of a character thing.

Attention to people. You have to learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes, avoid problems. Knowing how to trust other people even if you’re creating something yours, being able to delegate. Being able to listen is the most important thing whether it’s the user or personal feedback. Here the biggest key to success is humility.

Which are the main difficulties you have faced during your career and how have you reacted?

The first finding a team. It took 6 months for finding the first person and I’ve been lucky,

Then validating my business model. They ask you to show it will work without the product’s existence. Convince them to give us money.

Even when there was no funding coming in and I couldn’t pay my salaries. I ran out of months to give it to the employees.


Have you ever thought about giving up on a certain occasion?

Never because I think I can’t do anything else in life. Who does this job is an egocentric character and thinks to be better than what he is for real? We go on smashing walls with our heads until there’s an indestructible one.

Which suggestions would you give to ambitious young workers who have just started their careers?

Stay humble and grounded.

Studying the world of entrepreneurs, not falling in love with the idea, the more you get ahead of something wrong the more it is difficult to let it go, a lame horse must be killed immediately.

And never trust people the first time you meet them. Doing business is much worse than marriage.

Tell us your maxim, your mantra at work 

Always remember that shit, even you spray on it the best perfume in the world, still smells like shit (laughs).

Here the most professional instead: marketing is not always the solution, First, you need to create something useful and functioning. Then you do marketing to get the product to the target. But if it doesn’t work at the beginning, you have already failed.

What do you think about MIND THE GUM?

I really like its concept, because it gives a solution to a problem, the lack of concentration.

Tell us about your experience with the product, when you used it and how you found yourself.

I’ve tasted it in various situations. From an intense assumption to a moderate one. I’ve never paid attention to taste living it as a resolution for a problem.

I was more interested in keeping the mind awake and the concentration I needed.

I missed them after 2-3 weeks when I didn’t take them, the return to “normal” is something that you feel strong because the effectiveness is working.

How did you find yourself with mind the gum and which benefits have you noticed?

You don’t notice but you get more productive, it seems magic to be explained, you do more things, you lose less energy during the day

I felt less tired than I did before. And then I wake at the right moment.

When would you use MIND THE GUM?

Let us say that my day is constantly full of intellectual work and problem-solving. I would always need it. More in the morning, if I start with certain energy then I go faster on the rest too.

Whom you would recommend MIND THE GUM?

To the students, first of all, I wish I had it in my days, Then, to all the workers, especially those who do a job that requires strong intellectual skills and not indifferent concentration efforts.

Are you ready to start and optimize your time with mind the gum?

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