Looking for tips to manage stress at work? Take note of our suggestions and keep the dietary supplement for mental fatigue MIND THE GUM at hand. Generally, when we talk about stress at work, we mean a lack of balance between work demands and the physical and mental resources available to deal with them. This can be added to other stressful factors, such as pressure exerted in various ways by the boss or by colleagues, deadlines, goals that are particularly challenging to achieve, tensions with clients or colleagues, behavioural or physiological factors and states of emotional frustration. If you have noticed some states of anxiety and impatience at the workplace, discover the 5 golden rules for managing stress in the company and at work.

  1. Learn to give proper weight to situations

As mentioned, numerous factors of an emotional, psychological and behavioural nature contribute to the need to manage stress at work. One of the tips for the correct management of work-related stress is to give the right weight and importance to each situation whilst avoiding to become overloaded with negative emotions and thoughts that further aggravate one’s discomfort in the company. In short, take a deep breath, and (when you can) let the situation slip behind you without giving it too much weight.

  1. Organize time and space

How many times do we get to the end of the day or close to an important deadline and realise that we have not concluded anything yet? Situations like these are sources of stress at work. These need to be counterbalanced by the right organization of activities, times, deadlines, resources and also with the correct physical environment in which you work. It is no coincidence that scientific studies show that working in an orderly, clean and serene environment helps improve productivity and concentration.

  1. Improve assertive skills

Managing stress at work inevitably involves reviewing the relationship with one’s colleagues, employees or collaborators. In doing this, assertive skills are essential because they enable you to say what you really feel and think without offending or harming the feelings of others. This improves relationships in the company and helps to be resilient and assertive even in the most stressful situations.

  1. Take care of yourself

Let’s face it clearly: a stressed person is a person who does not take care of himself/herself. Everything may depend on the inability to find the right balance between private and professional life, between personal and work needs thus creating a vicious circle that can be detrimental to one’s quality of life. One of the best ways to manage stress at work consists precisely of self-care: do regular exercise to produce endorphins, take a break from time to time, satisfy your relationship needs as often as you can, focus on healthy eating and sleep enough every night.

  1. Do relaxation exercises

There are several stress management techniques and exercises to manage stress at work, which are also useful in everyday life. What are some examples? You can practice useful yoga techniques, do autogenic training, practice mindfulness, do breathing exercises and chew MIND THE GUM as often as you need. The dietary supplement MIND THE GUM is a precious ally of your psychophysical well-being: even at work, it helps you fight the symptoms of mental fatigue that lead to stressful situations and a loss of concentration. Thanks to its formula based on essential vitamins and active ingredients of natural origin, MIND THE GUM is your precious ally in managing stress in the company and at work.

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