Do you want to know how to maintain mental clarity and fight the burnout effect? It is enough to do the right exercises and chew MIND THE GUM as often as needed. Achieving high performance, both at work, as well as in study and in the activities of daily life, requires the right ability to concentrate and constant training of your mental skills. Memory, mental clarity and brain activity must be stimulated every day through simple exercises and remedies against mental fatigue. Discover below 5 ideal exercises to train your brain every day!

Synchronized writing

One of the most useful exercises for maintaining mental clarity is synchronized writing. Take two pens and a sheet of paper; start drawing geometric shapes, writing letters or words with the same number of letters, with both hands and at the same time. Why is it useful? This helps your brain learn to do more things at the same time by stimulating its activity.

Train your non-dominant hand

Getting used to using the non-dominant hand to perform simple, daily activities such as writing, combing, or brushing your teeth is an exercise to stimulate the brain and improve learning skills.

Use your fingers to make shapes

A simple game to train memory and concentration, while maintaining mental clarity, consists of making signs with your hands: for example, make the gesture to say “ok” with one hand, the gesture to say “victory” with the other. Alternate the two signs quickly moving from one hand to the other. This simple exercise helps your brain to focus and quickly switch from one activity to another.

Do daily activities with your eyes closed

To stimulate mental clarity, you can also try a simple experiment: take a shower or any other trivial daily activity with your eyes closed. This exercise helps to improve memory over time and keep mental faculties active. Alternatively, change your usual routes and experiment with new ways to get to work or return home.

Take dietary supplements for mental fatigue and focus

Do you think mental clarity and dietary supplements are two concepts that are light years away? You probably haven’t tried MIND THE GUM yet, the dietary supplement for concentration that helps fight the symptoms of mental fatigue. MIND THE GUM contains 15 active ingredients (such as caffeine and theanine) and essential vitamins such as vitamins of groups B and D, useful for promoting concentration and helping to improve your mental performance. How does it work? Each MIND THE GUM chewing gum contains everything you need to regain mental clarity in a short time. It is enough to always have a pack at hand and that’s it. You can buy MIND THE GUM® on Amazon and on our e-commerce by clicking here

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