Loss of Concentration? The best ways to gain it back


What do we mean exactly when we speak of ‘Loss of Concentration’?

How many times does it happen that concentration is lost and the same page has to be repeated or reread again and again? If the reply is ‘often’, do not worry, this is normal.

When we speak about loss of concentration, we are speaking about all phenomena which include: not remembering what you have just read, scribbling often on a book or notebook, noticing lack of energy and motivation, instances where everything becomes a source of distraction and a lot more…

Therefore, we can say that loss of concentration translates to being inconclusive, listless, procrastination and to wasting whole hours of the day.


1) LOSS OF CONCENTRATION: Lack of sleep and tiredness.

Sleeping at least 8 hours per day is fundamental to avoid loss of concentration. This is proven by several scientific studies, the most important of which is definitely that by the San Francisco Brain Centre.

2) LOSS OF CONCENTRATION: Plenty of things to do.

Being multitasking is a good thing for mobile phones not for human beings. Doing multiple things at the same time seriously harms your productivity. This results in doing everything but doing little quantities and in a bad way.

3) LOSS OF CONCENTRATION: Anxiety and stress of various nature.

Anxiety and stress are always enemies of concentration because they deviate your brain and your attention to other things that are different from what you are doing. Take a deep breath and let these thoughts slip away before you start doing your tasks.


Why have we just listed the main reasons that usually lead to loss of concentration? Simply because to find a solution to a problem, it is necessary to know how it is being triggered.

Solution to loss of concentration number 1: improve the surrounding environment.

Would you ever consider placing a bed in the middle of a super busy roundabout? No, and why? The answer is because it would be impossible or very difficult to fall asleep when considering the noise from cars braking and accelerating and the motorists swearing.

Concentration is very similar. You cannot expect to concentrate if the environment tends to distract you. Avoid noisy places and select quiet ones.

This does not mean that you have to move to a Tibetan monastery far from civilization. Indeed, there are also playlists made up of particular songs that stimulate your brain. The main enemy is not the sound but the type of sound.

In continuation with what we have been saying, the lullaby makes you fall asleep while the horn wakes you up.

Solution to loss of concentration number 2: switch off electronic devices

Switch of your mobile phone.

Really, switch it off. Each notification will make you lose concentration and recovering it is not so easy. WhatsApp, email, calls and messages of various types are the number one enemy for your concentration.

Solution to loss of concentration number 3: your thoughts

Remove the thoughts that are troubling you from within. Remove the thought that flashes through your head. Now is not the time to address this thought. Now you have to study.

Write the thought down on a piece of paper. You will notice for yourself how beneficial this can be from a psychological aspect.

As we mentioned before, anxieties, stress and intrusive thoughts are to be eradicated otherwise you risk not being able to focus on what really deserves your attention. It’s not easy and we know this very well but the best way to delete them is to remove them from your head. Write them on a piece of paper with a time next to them. This will be the time when you will solve them.

Solution to loss of concentration number 4: dietary supplements

There are several dietary supplements on the market which are especially designed to help concentration. One of the most effective and practical is definitely Mind the Gum, a dietary supplement specially designed for memory and concentration which, thanks to the 15 active components contained within it, is able to immediately restore mental clarity. You can buy it directly on our website.

Solution to loss of concentration number 5: clarify the objective on which you want to concentrate.

A perfect example is that of an archer. In the moment between taking aim and shooting the arrow, the archer must reach almost absolute concentration. The world around him is non-existent and a minimal distraction is fatal.

The “how much, when, what” is the best technique for organizing the study.

First define what you need to study based on your priorities or exam session. Define how much you need to study (one chapter, two chapters, one page or 100 pages) and in what length of time (1 hour, 2 hours or 5 hours).

It may seem trivial but organizing everything helps you to quantify what and how much you need to study. It organizes a mental schedule where a particular time corresponds to something that needs to be done and tends to prepare your mind for learning.

We have nothing more to add except to wish you good and productive studying and good luck for the next session! But first remember that you can buy Mind The Gum directly on our website.

Scarica gratuitamente le guide di Mind The Gum per migliorare le tue performance mentali!

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