Music has always been synonymous with fun, entertainment and relaxation. Which is all true, but did you know that there is also music to help you focus on study and work? You can use it not only when you need to take a break, but also to help you perform better while studying from books or in the office when working on paperwork. Do you have a doubt about it? Well, not all types of music are suitable. However, there is a special music to help you concentrate and you can customize your own playlists and combinations. Find out how to return to greater productivity for an exam or in the company with the earphones in your ears and the right dietary supplement.

The relaxing music of the water and the sounds of nature

Some American scholars have analysed various sounds from nature. In one research in particular, they used the sound of a mountain stream as music for concentration and when testing it on certain subjects, it gave a positive outcome. Research has also shown that the addition of a natural element may be able to stimulate moods in addition to the soothing music of the water. The latter in fact, with its noises and suggestions would be the most effective, among the various elements, for improving cognitive functions, increasing concentration and increasing well-being while one is engaged in some mental activity.

Relaxing music to work: is it needed?

Listening to some background sounds that make you feel calm and focused while doing something would be a more efficient and creative way to work. Music for concentration has positive effects on the mind and mood, as has emerged from various research. If the noise creates stress and distractions, relaxing music for working in the office increases productivity and the desire to do things. What’s more, it has been shown that listening to it while doing repetitive actions (such as entering data, or viewing and scrolling through emails) would help to accomplish these kinds of tasks quicker. At the same time, a little soft music would make you more creative and stimulate the imagination. 

Music to work: what are the best genres?

It has been seen that music to concentrate and study or work better helps you become more productive and perform better with respect to a chapter you are trying to learn or an excel sheet that needs to be filled out in the office with care and precision. However, not every musical genre is suitable for promoting calm and attention. In addition to the sounds of nature, in particular those of water, as we have seen, for ideal music to work better we can refer to classical symphonies, or in any case, music with a cadenced and repetitive rhythm, and melodies that have only harmonies without lyrics .

Music to focus with Mind the Gum

Did you put the earphones in your ears? Or, if you are alone / or in a closed environment, you can turn on the stereo, as long as it is at an adequate volume to avoid annoying colleagues or neighbours. But in addition to listening to good music to focus, you can boost your attention level by resorting to another ally. For example, the natural dietary supplement MIND THE GUM, which contains 15 active components. Among them are caffeine, which has a stimulating effect, combined with relaxing substances, such as theanine. The synergistic effect of their mix activates the central nervous system, which results in staying more alert and focused, without causing agitation and nervousness. Don’t wait any longer. You can buy MIND THE GUM® on Amazon and on our e-commerce by clicking here

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